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with Dan Bennett

More About Counselling

I am trained as an Integrative Psycho-therapeutic Counsellor and my offering is based upon the belief that more important than the theoretical orientation of the therapist is the development of a counselling relationship based upon mutual trust and empathy - which provides the space and opportunity for meaningful progress to be made.

Often when people come to counselling they present an issue or the reason why they feel counselling is needed to support them at this time in their life. As these issues are worked through and explored as therapy progresses, it often becomes apparent that there are other issues under the surface that come into awareness. Counselling can help you to uncover that which is below the level of consciousness and give you deeper insight and understanding so that your thoughts, feelings, past traumas, experiences and actions can be reflected upon. The purpose of this is to see how the past may be affecting us in the here and now so that transformation can be made - as opposed to solely trying to diagnose or identify a particular reason as to why life has turned out in unexpected ways. In this way reflecting upon the past can be very meaningful and provide the impetus for change.

I help people to reflect upon existential life concerns and how we find strategies to cope with these which can shed light on many aspects of our behaviour. There are times when we all feel lonely or isolated, lacking purpose, or caught up in feelings about the direction of our life or reminded of our mortality with the loss of loved ones. Counselling is a space to be yourself and explore your life in purposeful ways which is a unique opportunity to add richness and meaning to your life.

I aim to promote self-autonomy, self-understanding, independence and freedom from repeated patterns of behaviour and thinking, in a confidential, safe and reflective environment. This allows us to reflect upon our experiences so that the ways in which we relate to ourselves and others which may of caused harm or seperation can be viewed differently with the opportunity to re-frame and change.

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